If you live in Lake Charles and someone asked you what it is the worst intersection in Lake Charles, we are sure a few would come to your mind.

We are talking about those intersections that you know when you get to it, you are going to be there awhile. You know the ones that seem to always have a ton of traffic and the lights seem to switch after only two cars go through the signal.

Here are The TOP 5 intersections we think are the worst to navigate through in the city of Lake Charles.

Lake Street & West Prien Lake Road

That intersection seems to always have a ton of traffic especially if you are heading Westbound on West Prien Lake Road.  If you get in the turn lane to try and take a left onto Lake Street and there is a ton of cars in the turn lane, get ready because that light changes so fast, you will be there awhile.

Nelson Road and West Prien Lake Road

Just a mile down the road is another terrible traffic intersection. Just like Lake and Prien Lake Road, if you are heading Westbound on West Prien Lake Road and are in the turn lane get ready. For some reason drivers that go through that light like to pile up as many cars as they turn left onto Nelson Road.

The problem is though that the light at Nelson Road and the off-ramp at 210 stay red even though the turning light at Nelson & West Prien Lake turns green.  What happens then is all those cars turning left and want to head South down Nelson get stopped mid-turn and end up blocking the intersection which blocks South Bound traffic on Nelson road to not be able to go when their light turns green.

I-10 East and Westbound at Mile Marker 32

We know this is not an intersection but we felt like it was worthy of talking about.  This is the area of the interstate that runs through North Lake Charles at the curve where weekly and heck sometimes daily, 18 wheelers also wreck.  Don't get us wrong, it's a pretty steep curve and has some pitching like a Nascar track. It seems like weekly we will have 18 wheeler overturn in that area.

Highway 14 (Gerstner Memorial Drive) and East Prien Lake Road

This intersection is by far one of the worst to navigate through.  The toughest part of this intersection is if you are heading Northbound on Highway 14 and you want to turn left to get on the interstate,  There are two lanes of traffic that are usually full so you will have to wait for at least two light cycles before you even make it through the intersection.

Then you do get to turn left, there are two lanes that enter the on-ramp to the interstate.  But get ready to hit the gas when you merge onto the interstate there as it seems every driver is trying to outrun the vehicle beside them to get on I-210 first.

Every Roundabout In Lake Charles

We are totally convinced that NO ONE knows how to use a turnabout. Heck I know we don't.  Who has the right away? Is it the people traveling on the main road of the entrance to the turnabout? Somebody, please tell us.

For example, the roundabout on Prien Lake Road and Holly Hill road area. It seems that ALL drivers that are traveling either West or East on Prien Lake Road never stop and if you are coming into the roundabout off Holly Hill Road or that new road they built to connect to the casino's, you will have to stop for the East and West traffic because they are not stopping.  We really need help with this one!

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