Well-known columnist and host Touré sat down in a 2004 interview and told a insightful story about the time he played basketball against Prince.

According to the Youtube account of Kurtiss Jackson, the clip comes from a longer interview that’s located on his personal page.

Toure talking about the time he played basketball with Prince. Part of a longer interview we did in reference to an even earlier video we shot in 1997. This video was shot in Brooklyn in 2004 in regard to our first video shoot when he was a reporter for the Village Voice. Toure has some great conversations about the music business and you can find the rest somewhere here on this channel..Rest in Peace Prince!

In the video below Touré details what measures he had to take to set up an interview with Prince, including emailing a detailed list of 10 questions to his publicist. Touré said though the late singer didn’t answer some of the questions on the list, he did answer his last question of “Will you play ball with me?” According to him, Prince's response was “Anytime.” Watch the full clip below for more.

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