A fresh cut off Trae Tha Truth's February release, Tha Truth Pt. 2, Trae and Quentin Miller made a great team on "Takers." Now adding visuals to the audio, the pair get the last laugh over some cops and get away with a carefully staged heist in the single's new music video. Released today (April 29) on WorldStarHipHop, the two bring their gritty bars to life in the nearly five-minute visual.

When Trae stopped by the XXL offices in February, he was candid about how easy it was to tap into his deeper side for his new album.

"I thought it was a tad more darker and personal," he explained. "And then at first, I don’t know how people would react to it but everybody to this present time who have heard the album love part one and felt that part one couldn’t be outdone, but after they continue to part two, they’re going to be amazed and they’ll love part two as well."

Trae also explained how his collab with Quentin came about.

"We were in the studio and that record that we made wasn’t even for the album because we were just doing records. It was just the vibe, you know what I’m saying. The vibe of the record fit and I felt like I was missing that on the album because there’s a lot more seriousness and other type records but as far just that young, just don’t give a damn, feel-good record, we needed that for the album."

Quentin Miller has become a hot commodity in the hip-hop world following his role in the infamous Drake vs. Meek Mill ghostwriting controversy last summer. Just to jog your memory, Meek said Miller was Drake's ghostwriter for Drizzy's 2015 mixtape If You're Reading This It's Too Late. Meanwhile, Miller maintains in many interviews that he and the 6ix God were merely "collaborators" and that he never ghostwrote any of Drake's bars.

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