Naughty by Nature members Treach and Kay Gee appeared on Power 105. 1's Breakfast Club morning show recently to explain their feud with recently fired member Vin Rock.

Treach fired Vinnie over business related to the NBN brand -- he shared the news via Twitter -- and then followed that with a diss song aimed at the ousted member called 'Tall Midget.'

The 'O.P.P.' rapper, along with Kay Gee, didn't specifically reveal why the group is currently at an impasse. According to Treach, their feud has been brewing for a long time and now it's come to a boiling point.

"[It's] been in the making for a while, every relationship tries to stick it through the hard times, the good times but sometimes you gotta just do your own thing," he said. "You know our kids is grown now, you last it out for the kids sometimes."

"Everybody has a position to play, knows it, respects it," he continues. "When you get out of that and you're bigger than the group, it's unacceptable."

Treach also revealed that during their last business meeting, Vinnie allegedly sucker punched him.

Interestingly, Treach and Kay Gee insist the group's upcoming concerts will still go on despite their feud. And yes, Vin Rock will be onstage with them to perform.

We don't know how all of that is going to work out, but it will certainly be awkward to say the least.

But for Treach and Kay Gee, it all comes down to business.

NBN's next performance is the 2013 Roots Picnic in Philadelphia on June 1.

Watch the rest of the interview where Treach reveals that he wrote all of Vin Rock's rhymes and more above.

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