Is anything safe these days? Trey Songz is being sued for using his catchphrase "Yuuup!" by reality TV star Dave "The Mogul" Hester from the hit reality series "Storage Wars." Crazy right? Well, it's true, and on top of all of that, Trey started it. Check out the video as Trey explains his signature sound and then see how Dave uses his. What do you think? Plus, read the bonus story on Erick Sermon's interview with MTV's Sway as he talks about the moments before and the day he had a heart attack, which still has him hospitalized.

Trey Songz and Dave The Mogul Hester

Find out what Trey did to spark the whole thing and why he's now being sued.



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Speaking of lawsuits, Pattie Labelle is being sued AGAIN! In a crazy turn of events, a woman she chastised in a apartment building lobby has filed suit. Allegedly, Pattie splashed her with water after going ballistic on her for being a bad mom.


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Plus, word has it Dr. Murray's legal team is gonna ask for him to be sentenced to probation rather than prison. Meanwhile the good doctor isn't adapting to his new surroundings that well. Find out why he's currently in the L.A. County Jail medical ward and more with Tha Wire now:


The Green-Eyed Bandit, known to everyone as Erick Sermon gave us all a scare last weekend when he suffered a heart attack following the unexpected death of Heavy D. However, nobody was more scared than Erick. Tuesday morning, he spoke with MTV's Sway and Devi Dev on Sirius Shade 45 to talk about just that and the moments before it all happened. The legendary MC/Producer is currently tipping the scale at 285, but vows to get on a strict diet to shed at least 30 pounds. Erick said “I don’t want to be small, but I know I want to take off that weight to begin with,” he said. “When you take it off, that helps a lot, too, but also you have to watch that [unhealthy] food. I know it sounds crazy, but that food is a killer.”

Recalling what happened Erick said "I scared myself, man. It's crazy. I was downstairs on Wednesday night -- I was making this record. I went upstairs and I sat on the sofa and I had got two sharp pains on my left-hand side and I said, 'Maybe I'm sitting wrong', so I positioned myself differently on the sofa and I sat there and watched the TV. Around twelve o'clock Thursday , I got the same pains on my left-hand side, so I said, ''You know what, let me go to the emergency room'. When I got there, as soon as I hit the door, my whole left side kind of cramped up on me. I started getting those pains again, so they put me to the back to get a blood pressure reading and my blood pressure reading was 200 over 190. If I didn't make it there in time, I would have suffered a stroke first. So, when I got to the emergency room, they figured out that heart attack was a mild one and they took me in the back and I'm still here. I've been here for about five days."

The 42-year-old rapper also underwent a test in which they inserted a camera into his main thigh artery to take pictures of his heart. Thankfully, the test results showed no blockages or major problems. For now Erick is still recovering at the hospital and is undergoing more tests to make sure his heart is functioning properly. He is expected to be release before the end of the week.