Trick Daddy went off in a video that surfaced on Tuesday (June 28).

“Don’t play with me bitch. I swear before god. That ho is dead wrong. I ain’t say nothin’ about you ho. If you got a brother or uncle or daddy out there you better ask them. I don’t f--- around, ho. And I don’t hang with missus. Talk about you gon’ throw out my motherf----n’ name because a bitch comment on my post. I’ll spit in your face when I see you, bitch," said the Miami rapper in the video that's rumored to have been recorded live on Facebook.

Later on he continues: “Who is this ho talking to? Tell that bitch keep my name out your mouth bitch before I stick a pistol in your mouth…do not step to me about what no other bitch say in no comment on my post. I can address anything I want to address. Y’all better let that bitch know, I’m live right now. You need to listen to your kids, your kids just walked up and said ‘Ma they wasn’t talking ‘bout you.’”

Afterwards, the 42-year-old makes good on his promise -- sorta -- by spitting towards his phone camera. We're not sure who got the Miami rapper so angry but he's clearly hotter than his hometown. We hope he can work out his differences with whoever he's speaking to in a better manner though since verbal abuse is not cool. Check out the video above and stay tuned for details. Also, peep what tweeters are saying about the moment below.