It's been almost a month since the infamous video with The Breakfast Club and Birdman. Since that time Birdman has kicked off a Respek clothing line and also dropped a new song called "Respek" from his upcoming album called "Ms.Gladys".

While Trick gave a little stab on instagram. No one has actually sat down with him and asked him his thoughts on Birdman and how he felt about the interview until now. Check out the family at Road To Fame television as they talk to Trick and also DJ Nasty from Miami about the incident.


Trick Daddy Talks about The Breakfast Club and Birdman incident:

I'm sure that all of you are pretty much in the know, but just in case. Check out how the entire video transpired and how it got started with the issues. Although Birdman has since apologized. I don't think that he will be on the show anytime soon.


Charlamagne The God talks about the incident between him and Birdman:

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