10 am Update: Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center are continuing to monitor Tropical Storm Ida. That storm system is currently moving over the Cayman Islands and is expected to pass over the western tip of Cuba before entering the Gulf of Mexico.
Here is the 1000 CDT Advisory from the Hurricane Center and the graphics of the storm's projected path.

It is important to note that even though the storm system is expected to impact the Louisiana coastline sometime on Sunday this forecast could change significantly between now and then. The Hurricane Center's margin for error on a 48-hour forecast is still about 70 miles. That's basically the distance between Lafayette and Lake Charles.
If you've been through a storm or two then you know how far away from the center of circulation you are and on what side of that center of circulation you find yourself can make a huge difference in how much damage and rainfall you'll receive.
As far as Tropical Storm Ida goes, one of its major impacts will be rainfall. Here is the most recent rainfall forecast for South Louisiana for the next few days.

As you can see the bulk of the heavier rain is forecast to fall over southeastern Louisiana. Rainfall amounts in excess of 10 inches should be expected in many locations over that part of the state.
The tropical forecast models are beginning to line up in fairly good agreement as to the path of Tropical Storm Ida. Almost all of the models are suggesting a landfall sometime on Sunday afternoon in southeastern or south-central Louisiana.

Remember model projections are not official forecasts. So, don't use all of that spaghetti to make a life or death decision. We suggest you rely on the information we give you or our news partners at KATC Television. Of course, you will always find the official National Hurricane Center forecast on their website as well.

Of course, preparation is the key. The Hurricane Center is suggesting that tropical-storm-force winds, which means winds in excess of 39 mph will reach portions of South Louisiana early Sunday morning.

So outside storm preparations should be wrapped up by early Sunday morning. Some of the things you'll want to consider doing will be bringing in lawn furniture or yard and garden ornaments. You'll also want to secure your trash cans and other outside items too. Those kinds of things can cause significant damage and injury if blown around by a strong gust of wind.

Of course, this forecast and the forecast track will be updated several times throughout the next several days. Make sure you stay vigilant and rely on trusted sources to keep you and your family safe from the storm.

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