Remember that video of the Trump supporter who elbowed a black protester in the face at a Fayetteville rally earlier this year? Well, we have an update—and it's a good one.

That video was literally on loop in all the 24 hour news cycles as talking heads argued about whether or not Trump was responsible for the division in our country due to the violence at his rallies.

The headline was "older white Trump supporter punches young black Trump protester," and while that seems like it could be somewhat of a sensationalized framing of the incident, that's exactly what it was.

As a matter of fact, what that Trump protester said to cameras after punching the protester in the face may have been worse than the punch itself.

The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.

We are divided in many ways in this country—be it generational, racial or any other differences we may share, but I believe it's fair for us to not only tell the stories about our divide, but the stories of our cohesiveness and reconciliation as well.

That older white Trump supporter is 79-year-old James Franklin McGraw. That young black Trump protester is Rakeem Jones. The two came face to face in the courtroom, and McGraw looked back on the incident and wished things had gone differently.

You know what you did, and I know what I did. I'm not going to say you were wrong or I'm wrong. I hate it worse than anything in the world. If I met you in the street and the same thing occurred, I would have said, 'Go on home. One of us will get hurt.' That's what I would have said. But we are caught up in a political mess today, and you and me, we got to heal our country.

Both men shook hands and hugged and according to WRAL, McGraw pleaded no contest to assault and was given a suspended 30-day jail sentence and a year of unsupervised probation.

Jones was glad the two men were actually able to sort out their differences.

I just felt good being able to shake his hand and being able to, you know, being able to actually face him.

In my opinion, this video deserves to get at least twice as many views as the original.

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