When it comes to giving them hell when it comes to politics, there is non other then Roland Martin. He is the truth when it comes to speaking to the people and really being for the people. He has made a name for himself from being a contributor to CNN and now having his own show called News One on TV One.

When you hear this man talk, there is no doubt about it that you will get plenty of information from him. He talks politics, HBCU's and so much more on a regular basis. He also knows how to take an individual down and make them own up to what they say if he gets the chance to interview them. Here he is talking to The Breakfast Club and really informed the crew about the importance of the NAACP and also HBCU's.


You should definitely get your fill of Rolands show on TV One so that you can get the real perspective of things from a different point of view then your CNN and other news forums that are out there.


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