Talk about giving without thought, Tyler Perry was watching the news in Atlanta and decided to do something about a story that he saw.

Filmmaker Tyler Perry is donating a new vehicle to a Georgia woman with cerebral palsy after her specially-equipped van was stolen outside Atlanta. The Young Ladies name is  Alicia Day her vehicle had been stolen from her Decatur driveway sometime Sunday night. Day, who uses a wheelchair, told WSB she prides herself on being independent and works part-time as a greeter at Home Depot. Her mother relied on the van to take Day to work and to doctor appointments.


I can honestly say that Tyler is one class act and tends to always look out for others beside himself. As I mentioned earlier Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey just closed a major deal for Tyler to start producing and directing for the OWN Network. With gracious acts like that, I can only expect for Tyler to recieve even more in the very near future. Also be on the lookout for the new movie "Alex Cross" that will be dropping on October 19th, so be on the lookout her it in theatres.

Tyler Perry in Alex Cross: