As things are coming to a close for alot of students whether it's high school students who are gearing for college or college students preparing to graduate and heading out into the world. The fact is the same that there are some things that are about to change. You have to work on getting the best education that you can get and use that to get to another level in life. Tyler Perry is known for being one of the most successful movie and play directors in the world.

He is a popular man and by alot of folks standards. He is doing pretty well in the financial reigns as well. He was recently an invited guest to be the commencement speaker to the 2016 graduate class of Tuskegee University and also received his first honorary doctrate as well. The video really tugs at that heart string and is also very inspiring for those who feel like things don't seem to be going well and need a little motivation to make it out.


Tyler Perry Speaks To The 2016 Class of Tuskegee University:

Regardless of how you are living or what you are going through. If this video doesn't do something for you, you are possibly without feelings or emotion. There are days that are a little brighter then others for me, and hearing speeches and encouraging words like these keep me going. Good Luck and congratulations to all of the upcoming graduations. The future is yours and there are plenty of things coming your way.

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