With Tyler Perrys latest movie opening up  this weekend, you would think that he would be resting a little but, but no get ready because in October he will be releasing a new movie and there is no dress involved.Tyler Perry will be  taking on the role of Alex Cross who was made popular by the great Morgan Freeman, but is giving the character a new feel in the latest movie. I have had a chance to check out the trailer and I can say that Tyler has reallyt developed as an actor and to step from behind the camera and let someone else take the reigns, shows true professionalism. The movie is called "Alex Cross" and it follows the lead character who is being harassed by a serial killer and Alex has to eventually protect his loved ones. The movie is full of excitement and you really don't miss Morgan in that character. Check out the trailer and let me know you thoughts!



Alex Cross will be opening in theatres across the world in October and I feel like it is safe to say  that this will literally put Tyler Perry in a new bracket of being taken serious as an actor. Congratulations on Tyler and make sure to be listening all this week to win tickets to his latest movie opening this weekend "Tyler Perrys Witness Protection".

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