Americas Next Top Model creator and host Tyra Banks is known for everything including movies and of course for being one of the most well known models in the world. When it comes to being an entrepreneur there is no one who has taken what was gifted in them like Tyra.

But I think she has officially reached another level of the game by taking on the infamous wings challenge with Sean Evans. I am always intrigued to see who will appear on the Hot Ones challenge and with the show starting off as basically a hobby has really transformed into something big. Check out the clip below of the beautiful super model Tyra Banks.


Tyra Banks Does The Hot Ones Wing Challenge:

She has accomplished the feat where there have been others who weren't able to finish. There are so many assumptions people tend to make when it comes to beautiful women especially when it comes to celebrities. But it seems like Tyra is one that you could actually kick it with and would possibly look at as one of the homies.


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