Dababy is one of the artist who has paid his debt to the musical society and has been on the tip of everyone's mouth since his debut nationally earlier this year. He has been promoting his music hard for several years now and this year seems to be the one where he is getting all of the acknowledgement.

With features from Lizzo, Nicki Minaj and more Dababy is truly a household name now. We all know that one of my favorite things to munch on are chicken wings. One of my favorite segments to watch is called Hot Ones with Sean Evans. Well we got a treat for you as Dababy takes his chance at the Hot Ones wings and we all know hilarity ensues with this one.

Dababy Takes The Hot Ones Wings Challenge:

This is my guy. I met him several years ago when he came through Lake Charles on his promotion tour and he was truly a genuine guy that was motivated to get things going from the start. Check out one of his latest artist and the video below.

Rich Dunk- High School:

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