Tyrese is a troubled singer trying to win back the trust of his woman by confessing all of the wrong things he’s done.  Jennifer Hudson plays one of his back ground singer’s and the woman he’s trying to win back in the short film for “Shame."

The “Dumb S**t” singer recently told Billboard,

"Black Rose is my most intimate album, it's my most vulnerable album, and it's my most honest album. "Most of the people that hear it compare it to Confessions by Usher, because when you're just being honest saying, 'Through my flaws and my shortcomings and relationships I lied, I cheated, I this and I that,' whatever your story is or your scenarios, it goes back to blues. The reason why blues will be around forever is because people have to sing their most honest song or it just will be ineffective."

“Shame” is the second single from Tyrese's final solo album. Black Rose is expected for release July 10, 2015, you can pre-order online now.