Uncle Luke has more to say to Jay-Z about the NFL's recent decision on the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show.

After he penned a pointed op-ed in the Miami New Times on Monday (Sept. 30), the former frontman for 2 Live Crew connected with TMZ on Tuesday to elaborate on his thoughts about the Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show, which will be co-headlined by both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. In the video, Luke says the NFL wanted to use Jay-Z's Blackness to their benefit.

"[The NFL is] basically showing that, 'Aye look, let me go get a token Black guy, throw him out there, say we're dealing with systemic racism and say we're having him involved with the entertainment'," Luke begins. "It specifically said that Jay-Z would be advising the NFL with the systemic racism and entertainment. Right now, that's an F."

At another point in his interview, Luke says he respects Jay-Z and the Roc Nation boss' business acumen, but that Hov should have stepped down from his role as the NFL's Live Music Entertainment Strategist if he knew of the league's current Super Bowl halftime show plans.

"If they did this and you were at the table... then Jay-Z should have put in his resignation at that point," Luke says. "If he does not resign or they don't make this right then [the NFL] is actually using him."

The Miami-based artist feel likes Dade County's melting pot of talent was severely overlooked by the NFL. Luke even threw out his own suggestions for who should perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2020. He explains that his friends Flo-Rida, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled and even Pitbull should headline with J. Lo and Shakira as guests.

Speaking on Hov's role in all of this in his op-ed, Luke said Jay should have contacted him about the performers.

"Jay-Z is in violation of the G code," Luke wrote. "When you go into another man's city, you are supposed to consult with him. In this case Jay-Z should've had a conversation with me before coming up with this ludicrous idea. The NFL is disrespecting the hard work of Black entertainers who have made Miami the center of the rap game."

Watch Uncle Luke speak on Jay-Z again below.

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