Unfortunately, these days rap star, Fetty Wap, is racking up legal problems. Rolling Stone reported the New Jersey native was arrested in Las Vegas following a physical altercation last year in September. The rapper, whose real name is Willie Maxwell II, was charged with three counts of battery for allegedly getting into a brawl with three Mirage Hotel and Casino employees.

Fast forward a few months. Wap is being sued for another 2019 incident, this time involving a woman. The Source reports an unidentified woman is accusing the star of assaulting her in a drunken rage. In the court docs, the alleged victim claimed she attended his after-party last year with a group of friends. Throughout the night, she observed him drinking heavily and watched him become more and more aggressive with his guests as the night went on.

She went on to say that she and her friends were surprised by his behavior and started to discuss it. The rap star walked up behind her and overheard her talking about him. She claims the star went into a rage, threatening her and splitting the words, "I'll kill you" in her face. At the same time, Wap allegedly was pressing his finger into her forehead and shoved her head back.

The woman alleges her friends tried to intervene but the rapper managed to grab her by the throat and began strangling her. She says that, as people tried to stop him, he continued to attack her and punched her in the face before he finally left her alone. It's not clear if Fetty was arrested but police were called to the scene. The woman is suing Fetty Wap for an unspecified amount in damages and says she experienced extraordinary emotional distress and humiliation.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, but so far, Fetty and his camp haven't addressed the allegations with a public statement on the matter.

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