Today in Tha Wire, eyewitness accounts add new pieces to the puzzle in the Fetty Wap, chain snatching robbery incident last Sunday.  As previously reported Wap's signature chain and cash was snatched, when he and his entourage ran into some old rivals at a Paterson, NJ deli.  Bad blood between the rap star and members of a Jersey music label escalated into a all-out brawl, when the two groups found themselves in the same eatery.

Fetty wound up being jacked of some cash and his "1738" chain, plus three men were shot in the melee.  Police arrested Wap's arch enemy, Raheem "Fuzz" Thomas the CEO Muscle Team music, and booked him on gun charges.  Thomas claims he didn't snatch the stars chain, but he posted of pic wearing it on Instagram to taunt the rapper.  However TMZ is basically calling this dude a liar in the video below.

Now TMZ has new details and according to their reports, Fetty's crew fired the initial shots.  Eyewitnesses say the shots were fired in act of self defense though.  People in the deli say Fuzz and his boys followed the rapper and his entourage into the deli, and things got violent real fast.  Witnesses reported they started pistol whippin' a guy in Fetty's crew on the sight, then started jackin' Wap before the first shots rang out.

Sources told the news site Fetty's guy actually shot himself in the leg as he ran out of the deli.  The gun evidently went off when he tried to put the gun in waistband.  Both sides were firing shots back in forth and by the time the dust settled, two men from the Muscle Team were hit as well.

There's no word on whether or not police have issued any warrants, or if more arrests will be made in the coming days.  Though they were asked for a comment,  Fetty's camp has remained tight-lipped on the whole issue.  At last word, Fuzz was still in custody and that's about all that's being reported at this time.   Of course when more news becomes available, I'll bring you the scoop.  To stay in the know catch Tha Wire, right here with The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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