Since the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, artist have released a plethora of songs in response to police killing black civilians. On Wednesday (July 13), Empire star V Bozeman released her powerful song “Dear Officer,” where she addresses the pain and heartache many people are feeling today.

The heartfelt song features snippets of Malcolm X’s speech on police brutality while police sirens echoes throughout. The 28-year-old singer asks the police why are they so callous when it comes to black lives.

“Dear officer, will you let our husbands walk away, will you let our brothers live today / Can our sons go outside to play / Dear officer, without getting shot up, even though they got their hands up," she sings before asking, "why does that blue blood run so thick?”

Rapper Young Lyfe follows with a thought-provoking verse about the injustices black people often face when it comes to treatment by law enforcement.

Mr. Officer please take these handcuff off of us / It's seems that death is all you offer us / And we ain't seen peace since Martin marched with us," he raps, adding, "Make me wonder how Coretta feel / Probably turning in the grave 'cause s--- ain't better still."

V Bozeman's is very emotional on the song as you can hear her shed a tear as she sings a passionate plea for peace.

Check out the heartfelt tune below.

Listen to V Bozeman's Song "Dear Officer"

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