While there are still some sketchy details when it comes to what has happened recently with a volunteer of the Cajun Navy, what we do know is a Caucasian female was reportedly subjected to assault with physical and verbal abuse from assailants while attempting to assist residents in the community.

The assailants are also alleged to have destroyed the inside of her car and left a threatening note days later. There is an ongoing investigation, and I truly hope the assailants are held to highest standard of the judicial system for the crime they reportedly committed. If you are volunteering for any organization, there is no reason why there should be a concern for safety when you are simply trying to do good in the community.

There are also another issues, as The Cajun Navy feels they are being disregarded in the community and are planning on leaving from Lake Charles. Rob Gaudet, Cajun Navy Ground Force Director, claims they have had little to no support from local leaders as they have attempted to help out our community after the hurricanes and during other hardships we have had to endure. While this has not be confirmed, why is there an issue for support, and is there more that will displayed in the coming days? What are your thoughts on the assault, and the non-support the Cajun Navy feels they are receiving?

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