f you don't watch "24 hours of a Christmas Story" on TBS, I don't know that we can be friends. The 1983 Christmas movie is finally getting the sequel that it deserves. There was a sequel produced years ago, but it just wasn't as good as the first. Although it included the character, the actors were not the same. This time around, we get to see most of the original actors from the first movie in all of their glory, and age.

Returning actors to this epic Christmas sequel will be Zack Ward, Scut Farkus who will be a police officer, RD Robb and Scott Schwartz, the two boys involved in the tongue-to-pole dare, Ian Petrella, the original Randy Parker, and of course Peter Billingsley will return to reprise his role as Raphie. The storyline is that Raphie returns home with his kids to show what the true magic of Christmas is all about.

The new, and hopefully best, sequel will release on November 17 directly to HBO Max.

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