I gotta be honest, I've heard stories of it, but have never seen it happen. Not that I have been to a TON of rodeos, but I would like to think I have been part of my fair share. This is a bit of a crazy video to watch. Before we get into it, everyone was ok and there were no injuries. At one point in the video, you'll see what I mean. Also, the bull was ok and walked it off with no issues.

Rodeo time got a bit sketchy at this rodeo in Florida. It jumped the fence near the exit chute and made its way around the arena back towards the stands. You can see in the video that he takes a turn and off he goes headed towards the camera. I really am not too sure what the man in sandals holding the trash can expected to accomplish, but hey, who am I to judge? I certainly ain't no real cowboy. As the bull makes its way in front of the camera, you can see a cowboy, Garrett Ellington, in the arena throw a beautiful little throw over both fences and ropes our little friend the first time.

They finally get the bull settled a bit but not before it takes a little slip and falls on the wet concrete. They get it back over the fence and everyone takes a breath of relief. Certainly not the ideal situation, but it was pretty neat to see all those cowboys and cowgirls kick into action.

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