Everyone on the cast of Fast and Furious from Tyrese to Ludacris was hurt and expressed remorse from the death of actor and friend Paul Walker. Of course one who was really there from the beginning was his close friend and actor Vin Diesel. These two kicked the franchise off and started the legacy that will go down in memory. The word came that they were going to finish the movie and dedicate it to the memory of Paul Walker. Well Vin is getting back to himself, but this video leaked whether on purpose or mistake, but he is really enjoying himself as he is dancing to Katy Perry and Beyonce. Check him out as he displays a side of him that many have never seen before.

Vin Diesel Getting his groove on to Katy Perry and Beyonce:

I have to admit, all  I could do was laugh when I watched the video. There is nothing funnier then seeing someone do something and you look at their face and see that they are totally serious about it. I can't wait until the next Fast and Furious as  I am sure they will do it ultimate justice and give us a great product to look forward to.

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