With Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta, there are many in the area who have had to reevaluate their living. Many have had to relocate and start over and some are in temporary housing until their forever home can be complete.

We the great people at VT Contracting is having a free roof giveaway to some lucky recipient in the area. One lucky person is gonna have their roof completely restored/ renovated by VT Contracting.

If you are wanting to enter the Free Roof Giveaway, please submit the following information to vtcommunity@vtcontracting.com.

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Description and a photo of damaged roof:

There are also requirements in order to enter and be eligible for a chance to win the free roof renovation

  • No Insurance
  • Lack the means to afford a new roof
  • Must submit a backstory of candidate

All submissions must be sent to vtcommunity@vtcontractinglc.com by December 18th. The winners will be announced on Christmas Day! If you are someone you know fits this criteria, make sure you get your submissions in today.

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