Waka Flocka Flame stepped up and did the right thing after old footage of him calling Oprah Winfrey an "ugly b---h" surfaced on the internet this week.  

Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images For BET

It was a bad move and Waka realized that when the old footage reared it's ugly head. Waka issued a public statement to Oprah after old footage of him calling her an "ugly b---h" online this week.  The rapper said he was ashamed of himself for speaking about the 59-year media mogul in that manner.  He said when his mother/manager Debrah Antney viewed the clip she was "disgusted" and that's what helped him in realize he made a big mistake.

The rapper told TMZ, "I feel obligated to take responsibility for my actions and publicly apologize to Oprah.  My remarks about you were both extremely unnecessary and disrespectful. This regretful situation made me look at women and how I address them in a more responsible way."

Radar Online was first to publish the 21-second video and so far Oprah hasn't made a comment.  This isn't the first time Waka has realized the harsh effects of words.  Last summer he sat down with Hot 97's Angie Martinez and explained how that his young step-daughter inspired him to tone things down.

Waka told Angie, "That’s why I don’t like degrading women, though.  If I degrade women, she's gonna grow up and listen to that. If I make it cool to degrade women, she gon' be like ‘Damn, my n---a could degrade me.'"