It came to my attention that children are being beat-up or bullied if they were green shirts to school.  Really???  I mean what idiot came up with that idea?  Green is the color of grass, leaves on the trees and most importantly.....MONEY.  Are you gonna stop spending or wanting money now too?


Kids, think for yourselves.  Don't let some idiot tell you what you can and can not wear.  That's dumb. Green is just a color, nothing more nothing less.  What's even dummer, is to stand by and watch a little kid, who can't defend themselves get beat-up for wearing what their parents sent them to school in.  How about this, worry about graduating.  That's important.  Worry about being somebody when you grow-up, not about what color someone is wearing to school.  That's stupid.


If there's one thing I truly can not's a bully.  I'm keeping it all the way 100.  Bullying someone mentally, physically and verbally is not only wrong, but it's NOT COOL.  It's not OK.

Parents we are all busy, but try to recognize when your kids are in trouble.  Don't sweep it under the rug.  Don't tell them to suck it up or stop tadle-tailing.  Sometimes they can be in real danger.  Help your children deal with it.  Go to the school, speak with the teachers, teachers aids, principal, the parents of the child who's bullying your child, but try do something.

On the other hand, if your a parent of a child who is a bully...stop it.  Don't encourage it.  Don't be in denial.  You know if your child has bully tendencies just by observing how they play with other children.  Recognize it and do something about it.

In case you were wondering, no I wasn't bullied when I was in school.  However, I did step-up when someone was being bullied around me.  I just don't like to see people treated badly.  That said, I want to issue a challenge to all the big kids out there.  To those of you who wanna do the right thing.  For those of you who think for yourselves.  To all my ballers out there, football, basketball, baseball players and others.  TO ALL THE COOL KIDS OUT THERE, ROCK YOUR GREEN POLOS!!!!!!!  Stand-up for the little ones who are getting picked on.


It's not OK for a child to have to worry about his safety, being publicly embarrassed, teased, terrorized and physically beaten everyday when they go to school.  Bullying is tragic, because a lot of times a child who's being bullied or the children who witness it are afraid to report it for fear of what will happen to them after they do.  The school system needs to adapt stiffer laws and teachers and parents need to be more vigilant in helping to end this tragedy.

Waka Flocka

On a brighter note, some big names in Hip-Hop are getting involved and doing their part to pass the message, that "It's Not Cool To Be A Bully".  Waka Floca Flame is taking his fame and doing something positive in trying to end bullying.  Waka has teamed up with SEA Brand Clothing and Complex Magazine to launch an anti-bulling campaign along with his own custom Brick Squad Monopoly snap-back hats.  A portion from the proceeds of the hats will benefit Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center.

Waka's 5 million fans on Facebook helped to design the caps and even helped pick the charity through a crowd-sourced collaboration call #WakaNewYear.  His anti-bullying campaign hopes to raise awareness to a social problem that's affecting thousands of children and young adults daily.



SEA Snap-Back 1

The founders of SEA David and Zeshasay had this to say about Waka's involvement "He is sincere about wanting to use his platform to do something good for his fans and the anti-bullying cause they care about".  By the way if you want to cop a BSM snap-back hat, you can get one now at

Waka and the crew from SEA


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