It may still be winter, but West Coast trio Warm Brew already have fans thinking of warmer temps thanks to their new video for "I Swear." The video follows Warm Brew members Ray Wright, Serk Spliff and Manu Li and their featured artist Buddy as they show up to the daytime house party and meander their way through the booze and baddies while spittin' their verses. With accented animation and some hilarious activities, this BBQ looks like the perfect summer kick back.

"Now looky here looky here I got lunch money/Sittin' clean we ain't fuckin' wit them dust bunnies/Pennies in my hush puppies, nigga what’s bummy/I campaign with the damn thang/I came here for the beer stayed her for the champagne," rhymes Manu.

"I Swear" is off Warm Brew's Diagnosis EP which dropped last July and includes features from Sir and Hugh Augustine. Maneuvering through California's underground scene, Warm Brew's profile has been raised more than ever.

The last time the L.A. based trio spoke to XXL for The Break, the guys were determined to shake up the idea of West Coast rap with a different sound.

"Warm Brew is going to be the next cultural comfort," said Ray Wright. "People will always be able to relate to us because there’s three of us. There’s a short dark one, a light skinned middle sized one and a tall one with braids. I feel like everyone feels a different way, but they can relate to us. They know that we’re not gonna switch up so they don’t gotta switch up.

BYOB and watch Warm Brew's "I Swear" video above.

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