Well known Youtube prankster Roman Atwood was the victim of his own cruel joke on his girlfriend, when he attempted to 'inconspicuously' set up his camera and tell his girlfriend he cheated on her. Let's just say, his prank backfired. 

Roman tells his girlfriend he's cheating, and she in turn break's down and cry's, but she got revenge of her own by telling him she had cheated as well. At that point he became quite angry and full of disbelief, as he persist's she tell him with who.

Before things go too far, his girlfriend sike's him by saying, 'I saw you set up your camera, you idiot!'

Roman's girlfriend actually thought he was going to propose. After a prank like this and considering they've been together over 5 years, I'd say she deserves that proposal.

Since uploading the viral video on yesterday (Nov. 20th), it's already garnered over 6.4 million views.