Elite Daily tracked down a few couples and presented them with possibly the most awkward topic for any couple to discuss, exactly how many sexual partners have you had?  Personally, I don’t like to be judged but I feel like I can own up to my number. Are we going to discuss my body count right now? No. [LOL]

Telling someone how many people you’ve had sex with is a lot like tripping in the middle of a busy sidewalk: People might act like they couldn't care less, but deep down, everyone is judging you. A lot. - Elite Daily Youtube

In my opinion another dreadful question to a couple would probably be, was your ex better in the sack? I always choose to leave well enough alone and disregard asking that question. They could be with anyone else, but they chose to be with you. I’m just saying, shut your mouth and enjoy the moment.

Watch the video above when random couples are put on the spot in front of a camera and presented with one of the most dreadful questions in any intimate relationship.

Are you brave enough to give your partner or spouse your number?

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