If you're single and looking for love, then you are looking in all the right  places if you call Louisiana home. A study recently showed over half of our state's adult population is single.

The study published by the Martin Prosperity Institute said that 55.7% of Louisiana adult residents are not married. Why is this so? One expert points to two very bad things that happened in and near our state.

According to demographer Greg Rigamer Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill must might be the biggest reason our state has seen an increase in young single people. Katrina meant jobs as did the BP Spill and thousands of young people have moved into the area to get those jobs.

"You look at this influx of young people coming in, it's really not surprising we have a high number of unmarried adults,"

Rigamer made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. He also says that New Orleans is the leading metropolitan area of the state for young singles to gather. It is no big shock to those of us that have lived here a while why so many young people would flock to the Big Easy. You've got nightlife,great food, an active social scene and the ability to travel with a large international airport close by.

If you're wondering the Martin Institute Survey showed that 58% of adult residents of New Orleans were single. That's the highest rate in the  nation. So if you're single and ready to mingle and you've had most of your shots you might want to try looking for love in the Crescent City.


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