I came across this story and video earlier today and just had to share it. This is what life is about. Using your talent to help others is a blessing. It's an even bigger blessing when you love what you do to the point that you have a better time than the people you are trying to lift up! That is what I thought about when I watched this video. This professional trainer and physical therapist exemplifies the word dedication. He has an impressive way of motivating and lovingly encouraging his patients through difficult mobility exercises.

You can see he truly cares about each patient. Wednesday night Damar Hamlin woke up after suffering cardiac arrest twice and being heavily sedated for two days in ICU. His physician, Dr. Timothy Pritts told reporters the first thing he wanted to know was, "Did we win?" Hamlin wrote the question because he still has a breathing tube. It was a major indicator that his neurological function was not damaged. Dr. Pritt responded to the 24-year-old Bill's safety" Yes Damar you won the game of life." Dr. Pritt praised Bill's medical staff and could not say enough about their key role in Damar being alive.

Their quick medical response is the reason he is here today, the doctor said. They were at his side within a minute, immediately recognized he didn't have a pulse, and began CPR and resuscitation. They were outstanding and gave Damar a chance to live! Much like what this physical therapist and mobility trainer is doing for his patients. He is giving them a reason to live. What is so awesome, is that you can see he is having a blast! In essence, his patients are feeding off his energy and they are reaching every goal he sets for them. It's a beautiful thing! Love. Humanity. Empathy. Pass it on.

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