Well ladies and gentlemen. Today is the day that I celebrate 15 years of marital bliss to the woman who I love and adore. There is nothing but fond memories from the first day that I saw this beautiful woman to now.


My wife is from Columbus, Mississippi and I met her as she was filling in for our receptionist who was out sick. It's an old cliche', but I knew that she was gonna be the one from the first moment that I saw her. We have been around the world and back and I am still just as in love with her now as I was the first time that we got together.


I will tell anyone and everyone that listens that marriage is not easy. But just like anything else, you get out of it what you put into it. We have had our share of disagreements, but we work through it and make it better. So today I would like to wish a very big Happy Anniversary to my wife, my friend, my baby mama and partner in crime!

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