Mark this down as am I really seeing this go down? The Texas State Fair is a big deal in Texas and it just came to an end. The fair ran from September 24 through October 17, 2021, and was filled with carnival rides, a car show, and plenty of food.

I guess the food wasn't that good because a brawl broke out between customers and the food service workers behind the counter.

At the beginning of the video, you are about to watch you will see the chaos unfold right from the start. The food workers started throwing cups and straws at customers and there was a lot of screaming.

Then, one food worker tried to wave for the police to come but before they could arrive, things went downhill quickly.

One lady in a multi-plaid colored shirt tried to calm the situation down until she got hit with something from a customer and then she lost her mind.

She grabbed a five-gallon bucket and it looks like she dipped it into the french fry grease or hot water and ran towards the counter and threw the hot grease on the customers. You can see the steam coming out of the bucket and after she made her first throw she retreated back to the fry grease for a second fillup.


But instead of filling the bucket again, she decided to grab a basket of french fries right out of the grease and run toward the counter to throw on the customers. A worker grabbed her just in time and pulled her back but the lady still managed to chunk some of the fries.

Finally, the situation settled down when the police showed up. Shocking right? Check it out.

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