A friend of mine Marcus Richmond, who may know as Richo is a man who is respected in the community. He is the epitome of who you would call an O.G. Last week he sent me a flyer promoting an event that he was putting on. When I looked at it I couldn't help but to smile and feel proud that he wanted to do something different and give the city something to look forward to. It was an R&B night event at the exclusive 2425 Bar and Lounge. Obviously, this was to be an event of great music where people could come out socialize and enjoy great beverages and fun.

I knew that I had to go and got a call from my friend Erin Davidson from Big Brothers Big Sisters who said that she was gonna go by and check it out as well. Last night was the first night of the event and it did not disappoint. I have to give a big shout-out to DJ Rocky who had crowd control for the night and played everything from classic R&B to Zydeco favorites that had the crowd in attendance really enjoying themselves.

The event was classy and something that I think the city needs for an evening of great music and interactions. As we continue to try and rebuild Lake Charles, one thing we need to do is work together. In my time of knowing Richo, I can honestly say that I have seen that and it's something that has helped to propel his status in the city. The event is weekly, free, and something to look forward to for the grown and sexy adults.


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