Being a parent of a high school graduate. I know how it is to be very happy and proud of your child when they walk that line to receive their diploma. But I have to admit that when I saw this video of a proud father. I couldn't help but to know the feeling and in some type of way wonder if this was going to make it as a viral video. Well I pop online today and the video is all over the world.

You have to see this video of a father basking in the moment of happiness and joy of his son being announced and seeing this man who is obviously in great shape do acrobatics when hearing his sons name called. Check out the hilarious video of the proud father in action.


You have to wonder how he was able to flip over and come back up like it was nothing. This was by funny, but it feels good as one father to see another one be so happy and proud for his son. I would hope that this would inspire more kids to do the right thing and show them that you may look at us as embarrassing at time. But I promise you, it's only because we are very proud of your accomplishments.

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