Being from Mississippi where most look at as a blues haven, I remember the songs from Z.Z. Hill and Johnny Taylor. While they had hits, it wasn't until later on that I really got into Blues music which was later coined as Southern Soul. One of those artist who really turned my head was Mel Waiters.

I loved Mel's music and met him for the first time around 99 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at a big blues festival and when I saw this man perform on stage I was hooked. That's why it saddened me when I heard the news of his passing on today apparently from Cancer . The last time I saw him in concert, it was at Delta Downs and he performed with Sir Charles Jones. Mel Waiters had hits from "Hole In The Wall" to "Got My Whiskey", he was that guy. He also started his own label called Brittney Records which was named after his daughter. Peep out the interview below as he talks about his start in radio and where his music has taken him.


Mel Waiters talks about his start in radio to performing on The Fantastic Voyage cruise:

Mel will be truly missed and from all of the fans who he has impacted over the years. His music will live on through their loyalty. One thing I remember is when Mel came through the station one day and brought his new album by. There was one cut that I went crazy over and Mel said well if you like it like that It's gonna have to be a single and it turned out to be big song.

He was a real guy from the first meeting to my last time seeing him and will forever be indebted to him for always remembering me and letting me know when he was working new music. Make sure you all keep his family in your prayers and let me take you back down memory lane with some of his biggest hits.

Mel Waiters- "Got My Whiskey":


Mel Waiters performing in New Orleans: