Haven't watched Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War yet? Sorry, get ready for a spoiler!

There's a website that tells you if you lived through the "Infinity War", and sadly, I did not. Since it was for the "greater good of the universe", I guess it's ok.


Also, if you're like me and have yet to watch Avengers: Infinity War, you're probably ready to choke most of your friends on social media for spoiling it for you. As one of my followers put it, "It's grounds for an automatic unfollow". That means all of you fun suckers are now on notice.

Unfortunately, what I do know about the film is that Thanos, the films main antagonist, destroys most of the known universe. It's an act that obliterates many, if not most, of our favorite characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you've somewhat followed the Marvel characters in comic book form, then you know that crap happens and in some way shape or form and Thanos will eventually get his. Also, there are Blank Panther and Spiderman sequels in the works. If that doesn't tip you off to something happening for the greater good of your favorite characters, then you're just a lost cause and have issues with telling the difference between what's real and what's fiction.

Now, for the coup de grâce, visit website DidThanosKill.Me to learn if you live or perish with the rest of us heroes.

Hopefully, we can all reunite in Avengers 4, where I'm brought back to life and smack Thanos and run off only to be zapped once more from the universe.

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