Today in Tha Wire HotNewHipHop reported that talk show diva, Wendy Williams revealed she's living in a Sober House. In the past, the star has been open about her drug use. Williams has admitted to being addicted to cocaine and crack cocaine, saying just recently during her show that "addiction never really goes away."

For anyone fighting addiction on any level, the struggle is real. So, we certainly salute Wendy for addressing her demons and be courageous enough to tell the world. The greatest gift anyone can give is their true self. Seeking help when you know that you need it, is a major step in the right direction. We pray for her victory and her speedy recovery as she heals.

While revealing her personal struggle with addiction, Wendy told her audience in the past she was able to stop on her own. This time around she seen that not only did she begin using again, but quitting proved to be more difficult this time around. Recognizing she had a real problem, she put herself in a rehab program. Below hear what she told her audience during a recent live taping of her show:

TMZ reports Williams was emotional as she walked her audience through her day-to-day routine. Revealing her truth she bravely gave details about her continued fight against addiction, what it's like to stay at a Sober House, how she's gettin help and more. She also talks about her recovery team, and how her own drug use inspired her to start a drug rehabilitation foundation to help others get sober.

The Hunter Foundation is a non-profit started by Williams, her husband Kevin and son Kevin Jr. in 2014. They provide free life-saving resources including drug education, prevention, and rehabilitation programs for the youth and families suffering from drug and substance abuse. Williams is using her media platform to take others from addiction to recovery, and you can't be mad at that.


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