The Wendy’s logo is getting a makeover for the first time since 1983, as the Ohio based burger chain steers its focus on becoming known as a high-end hamburger restaurant.

The new logo shies away from the almost-30-year-old boxed in, red-and-yellow burger badge with a distinguished new red font against a plain white background and a more mature cartoon image of the girl known as Wendy.

According to Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick, the company has been testing dozens of new logos over the past several months as replacement for the company’s current three-decade-old brand image. Surprisingly, the new logo will only mark the restaurants fifth image update since founder Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s in 1969.

Along with a logo change in March, customers can expect to start seeing renovations to outdated restaurants complete with natural lighting, new TVs and more variety in seating options, according to Brolick.

Wendy’s hopes that its new makeover will help make the restaurant competitive with the likes of places like Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill, which are typically revered as higher-end eating establishments.

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