What are your plans when it comes to possible flooding here in Lake Charles? We have been through plenty of storms from hurricanes to tornadoes, and have had days where the rain has been more then plentiful in the area. But what is your plan of making it through the potential hours of rain that we could get?

Here are a couple of personal tips that I feel may help you and your loved ones maneuver properly once a Tropical Storm hits Lake Charles and surrounding areas.

1.) Make sure you are listening to the radio, as we will keep you informed. If you lose power or access to the radio, download the radio pup app on your phone.

2.) Get with your supervisor and see what their plan is. They should be following the weather updates as well and should be able to let you know if you can leave early to avoid being caught in the possible flooding.

3.) Check with your loved ones to find out where they may be. If you have small kids, plan on making arrangements to pick them up before the rain starts.

4.) If you are well informed about the rain in advance, make preparations to handle any running around you may need to do. Thus will include running errands, buying groceries and any things that could be taken care of before the sky drops.

5.) Once the rain starts, try to move to higher ground and stay there if at all possible. This does not mean sitting in your car, especially if you don't know how high the water can go.

6.) Be prepared to evacuate if you need to.

7.) When it begins to flood, this is not the time to try and walk in the water, and definitely not drive. We all know that looks can be deceiving, and taking a chance of going in the water in a car or on foot could prove to be a bad decision.

These are just a few steps to take when it comes to the rain and the major flooding problem that we have here in Lake Charles. I will keep you guys in the loop on what's going on with the weather, but make sure you keep it locked to The Peoples Station 107 Jamz for all of the latest on this Tropical Storm.

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