Today in Tha Wire folks have been trippin about a rumor that 25-year old Pop princess Ariana Grande somehow got paid more than Beyoncé for headlining the 2019 Coachella Music Fest last weekend. First let me congratulate them both on their historic performances at Coachella. Ariana made history for being the youngest, and Queen Bey for being first Black woman to headline the legendary event.

Back to the drama over who got paid what. It's unclear as to where the rumor derived but, it's just that a rumor. Several media entities are following the growing speculation with some sources claiming the Pop singer made $8 million, while Bey allegedly was paid $4 milli. Now that to me is hard to believe.

However, I can believe Bazaar's reports that the two singers probably made the same amount of $8 million, being paid $4 million per day over the course of their 2-day performances. Billboard reported Beyonce made between $8 and $12 million, which is probably closer to reality. To be totally honest YES, if it really happened I'd wonder how Coachella thought Ariana was worth more than Beyonce.

However, her race and talent wouldn't have anything to do with it. For the sake of argument, Ariana Grande is a SUPER TALENT and her skin tone had absolutely nothing to do with it. Grande has a God given gift of song. That little girl can sing her butt off and for those of you who question the work she brings to the music game, here's some of her stats -

The former Nichelodeon star began her career on Broadway in 2008. She's put out 5 studio albums, 3 of which debut at #1. The young star has donated millions dollars and raised millions more for charity including Broadway for South Africa and One Love Manchester for victims of the 2016 bombing. Ariana's got mad acting skillz too, since 2009 she's been in 20 films. So don't get it twisted girlfriend has earned every bit of her superstar status!

That said... Ariana hasn't reached the artistry success/status of Beyonce just yet. For that reason I'd question Bey getting less pay for the same event. Beyonce needs no introduction, she's a music icon period! Outside of the 5 albums she released with Destiny's Child, Bey has 6 solo studio albums and is the only singer in history to have all her albums debut at #1. Her accolades are far and wide and she's an undisputed music legend.

What get's me is why people are so worried about what they got paid! Why fans are attacking  Ariana and blaming her for benefiting from "white privilege." STOP it!!!

At the end of the day, Coachella can pay whoever they want, whatever they want. It's their festival! Whatever dollar amount they paid Beyonce, she isn't complaining so NOBODY should have anything to say. Mrs. Carter is worth an estimated $355 million! She knows more than anyone else what her value is. Anyone who thinks Beyonce has a problem negotiating her salary is crazy as hell.

Besides Beyonce is counting her coin, in more ways than one, all the way to the bank anyway! Bey made an estimated $20 million for her executive produced Homecoming doc with Netflix, and that's just the beginning of their partnership. Page Six reports Bey actually landed a three-project deal with the streaming giant worth an incredible $60! So Beyhive chill, the Queen is living her best life!

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