When I left the house yesterday as I am sure that so may others did, the last thing we wanted to worry about was being stranded on the road. Unfortunately, there were more issues than the one yesterday and over the weekend, as there was nothing but rain over the city.

While we understand that there will be rain, as there is plenty of it here in Lake Charles, this is nothing new. The officials who are in charge of this jurisdiction and this particular area are, I'm sure, well aware of the issue. What can be done to rectify the continuous flooding that is consuming our area? The city doesn't stop because it's raining or flooding, which means people still have to go to work. Some jobs are a little understanding, but what about those that aren't?

Below are some pictures that I took on fifth avenue after I was preparing to leave the gym.

We definitely need someone to come together and figure out what can be done. No, I do not do any kind of street work, but can we do some more drilling to helping out with the drainage here? What about working to build the roads a little higher? Although I am sure that would be a little more difficult to do.

We have people who love the Lake area, but when we have to deal with the streets being flooded and homes being flooded, we have a major problem and there needs to be a solution. We need our local councilmen to get with some of the folks in the neighborhood and hear about their grievances, because it honestly makes no sense.

I would love to have some of our area delegates come by to talk about it, and possibly open the phone lines. It simply rains too much in our city to not have a better solution on how to handle this. What are your thoughts on the matter?