1983 was the year where one of the hottest albums was released. That was the year of "Thriller". Michael Jackson had everyone going crazy from the streets to the clubs with hits like "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and of course "Thriller". Later in the year, Michael released the Thriller video with a beautiful co star named Ola Ray. If you were wondering what happened to her ,I;ve got you covered. I must warn you, after the first few minutes, you may want to just mute the video and watch her!

Ola Ray- "Remember"

I have to give it to Ola, she looks great for a 52 year old. Although I am sure she has probably had her share of surgeries. This video was definately not a tribute, an honestly I believe one just to put her back in the spotlight. She should have just released a workout video or calendar for that matter. If she wanted the fame again. She was embattled in a lawsuit for rights to collect monies from her apperarnace in the video, which the estate actually settled. I Don't feel like this is the time for her to be trying to pay tribute to someone you sued. If that's the case, give the money back.