There is no greater feeling then being a father. When you have the opportunity to witness something that you helped in bringing up and instilling within them certain ways. It's a beautiful thing. I have spent the past 18 years of my life trying to be the best that I can be as far as being a parent. There are mistakes that have been made and will continue to be made. But I would not change a thing in the world.


I love my son dearly. I remember like it was yesterday playing video games with him, which kind of spawned his desire to get more familiar with digital arts and things associated with computers and graphics. I remember showing him how to work a microwave, tie a tie and so many other things. Some of the greatest moments I had with my son was just spending time watching television, talking or just hanging out spending no money at all. Being raised in Mississippi and coming from a single parent household with help from my grandmother and cousin. I never had that fathers love. I can't remember a time of him asking me what I wanted to do with my life. I can't remember him asking me about my interest or spending quality time with me. While I did know him and saw him a few times. I remember him dying in 1986 and not really feeling any sadness.

If I did shed a tear. I can't say it was sincere. I was thirteen years old at the time and any type of remorse I had was simply because I believed that was what people expected to see from me. This is why I cherish the time that I have with my son. He just graduated high school and is preparing to move onto the next phase of his life and while I will miss seeing him everyday. I pray that I have instilled in him the values of being a man and what to do and how to react to certain things. So let me say Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there. You may be the biological father or just by marriage. But the time that you spend with your kids will be remembered. The children didn't ask to be here and having them suffer due to issues with each others bickering is not a good thing.

Take that time and enjoy them, as no one could have told me that even though we moved here when my son was only three years old. We have seen him grow into a young man. A young man who is making decisions on his own and has a voice of his own. Make sure you allow your kids to have a voice and try not to silence them. We as parents need to be the haven for our kids to open up to, plus there will be a time where they will have kids. Who doesn't want to have the opportunity to spoil their grandkids and send them home with their parents? I know I do and although I am not rushing it. I am awaiting that moment.

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