The election for Nov. 4 is a huge election day for local, state and federal offices. In Vernon Parish alone, there are 22 seats to be filled. All state voters will be looking at 14 separate state constitutional amendments.  Get prepared!

Remember -- early voting:  Oct. 21-28, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. at your local registrar of voters. (Polls closed on Sunday, Oct. 26.)

RACES -- All offices, choose one, except where noted.

U.S. Senator

  • Wayne Ables (D)
  • Bill Cassidy (R)
  • Thomas Clements (R)
  • Mary Landrieu (D)
  • Rob Maness (R)
  • Brannon Lee McMorris (L)
  • Vallian Senegal (D)
  • William Waymire Jr. (D)

US Representative, 4th Congressional District

  • John Fleming (R)
  • Randall Lord (L)

Judge, Court of Appeal, 3rd Circuit, 2nd Dist., Elec. Sec. 2A

  • Kent Savoie (R)
  • Jamie Yelverton (R)

District Judge, 30th Judicial District Court, Division B

  • Wayne Bush (D)
  • Anthony Eaves (R)
  • Tony Tillman (D)
  • Clay Williams (No Party)

School Board, District 3

  • David Detz (R)
  • T.D. Holcomb (D)

School Board, District 5

  • Jesse Lentz (D)
  • James McKee Jr. (D)
  • Mike Perkins (No Party)

School Board, District 6

  • Robert Blow (D)
  • Vernon Travis Jr. (D)

School Board, District 8

  • Gerald Cooley (R)
  • Jeremy Goodwin (D)

School Board, District 1 (AT LARGE, Five to be elected)

  • Doug Brandon (R)
  • John Driscoll (No Party)
  • Sam Fulton (D)
  • Randi Gleason (R)
  • Mel Harris (D)
  • Robert Pynes Jr. (D)
  • Jim Seaman (No Party)
  • Steve Woods (No Party)

Justice of Peace Ward 8

  • Brandy Gray (D)
  • Linda Smith (D)

Constable, Justice of the Peace Ward 4

  • Dan Atchison (R)
  • Tommy Harrison (No Party)

Constable, Justice of the Peace Ward 6

  • Jason Hillman (D)
  • Tom Jackson (R)

Rosepine Mayor

  • Valerie Craft (R)
  • Dennis Dodd (D)
  • Donna Duvall (No Party)

Rosepine Aldermen (AT LARGE, Five to be elected)

  • BJ Bjornberg (R)
  • Ray Blanchard (R)
  • Jimmy Cryer (D)
  • Lisa Furlong (No Party)
  • Del Johnson (No Party)
  • Leonard Johnson (No Party)
  • Billy Owens (R)
  • Christopher Simmons (No Party)
  • Jeffery Solinsky (R)

Proposition -- Yes or No

Ward 7 Wardwide School District (10-year bonds, $1.2 million)

Shall Ward Seven Wardwide School District of Vernon Parish, Louisiana (the "District"), incur debt and issue bonds to the amount of not exceeding $1,200,000, to run not exceeding 10 years from date thereof, with interest at a rate or rates not exceeding 6% per annum, for the purpose of acquiring and/or improving lands for building sites and playgrounds, including construction of necessary sidewalks and streets adjacent thereto; purchasing, erecting and/or improving school buildings and other school related facilities within and for the District and acquiring the necessary equipment and furnishings therefor, title to which shall be in the public; which bonds will be general obligations of the District and will be payable from ad valorem taxes to be levied and collected in the manner provided by Article VI, Section 33 of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana of 1974 and statutory authority supplemental thereto, with no estimated increase in the millage rate to be levied in the first year of issue above the 26.34 mills currently being levied to pay General Obligation Bonds of the District?