Have you been around the area of Prien Lake Park/Henderson Bayou Road lately? If you have, you may have noticed an awful smell in the air.

I mean the smell is so terrible that it's hard to even go out to Prien Lake Park and enjoy yourself without smelling that awful smell. What is causing that smell you ask?

It's a bunch of dead menhaden floating in the water. According to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, the reason for the dead fish is because of the low oxygen in the water.

The lack of oxygen is what killed over 10,000 fish in the Henderson Bayou. I was out at the park on the first day that the fish started to surface and could smell the dead fish clear across the entire park.

I was standing by the boat launch and I even thought what was that awful smell. I went to the back of the park to investigate and that is where I saw the dead fish floating in Henderson bayou .that is where I snapped the picture you see above.

According to officials, the fish are all but gone now, and what fish that are left with be consumed by other species of fish in the water. The smell should also be gone in a day or two.

Alvin Matthews via Unsplash.com
Alvin Matthews via Unsplash.com

Let me tell you, if you like crabs, you need to go out to that part of the bayou and go crabbing. I saw a ton of crabs feasting on those little fish, so the water is right for the taking. I know, I know, the Cajun just came out in me but I won't apologize for it, I will just fire up the burner and boil the water LOL.

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