Have you ever been in bed, but hear the sound of your phone going off from an email or text? You open it and there is this great 25% off certificate or buy-one-get-one-free coupon. If you're like me, it's all about saving money and looking for the best deals.

Once you look a little bit more into it, you notice it came from a place that is no longer in business or is nowhere close to you to redeem it. Sure, we have the world wide web where we can order things to get online, but if you know like I know, it wouldn't be wise to order a delicious meal that more than likely will never make it to your destination.

I often wonder if these businesses actually do the research to see where their advertisements or notices land or if they simply just close their eyes and shoot for the moon. Either way, all I can do is delete this Arby's coupon I received in my email, as we haven't had one of them in over two years. However, here's a funny story. The last time I stopped at Arby's was on a Sunday, and I wanted a little something to tide me over before I went to the gym. Everything I ordered was made correctly, then the attendant told me they didn't have any change. How about that? Maybe it's good they are not around, after all.

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