Choices, choices! What if someone gave you the option to start your life over. with the knowledge you have now or receive enough money to change the quality of your life? What would you choose? That's a hard one if you ask me. Thumbing through the internet, I came across a few "red pill, green pill" scenarios and thought I'd give my take on it.

The concept comes from a scene from the movie, "The Matrix." Where in the film a computer hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves) has a dream about a forbidden underworld, only to discover his dream is a reality. That the life he knew was an elaborate illusion of the world created by The Matrix, an evil cyber-intelligence trying to enslave mankind.

Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a rebel soldier fighting to free humanity, gives Neo a chance to learn what the Matrix is or go on with the life he has always known,  pretending nothing has happened. In the scene, Neo has to choose The Red Pill (knowledge/freedom) or The Blue Pill (bliss/ignorance).

At the end of the day, Neo chooses The Red Pill of Knowledge and goes on to help Morpheus and others destroy the Matrix to save mankind. What if you were given a similar choice? What would you do? I would have done the same as Neo and chose the Red Pill of Knowledge/Freedom.

While thumbing through social media, I came across a couple of posts where people used the same Red or Green/Blue Pill option and put their spin on it to ask various questions. I thought many of the questions were most of them silly or funny, but I liked the scenario below because it was interesting. Check it out!

When I first read the questions, it really made me think. With the Red Pill, I would have a chance to start my life over, make changes based on the knowledge I possess, and relive my childhood. With the Green Pill, $10 million is a life-changing amount of money. I could improve not only the quality of life for myself but that of my family as well.

My choice would be the Green Pill in this case. My only regret for not choosing the Red Pill is missing the chance to share life with loved ones that have passed away again. Other than that, if I went back with the knowledge I have now my life would be altered for sure. I'm not sure if it would all be for the better. I would've taken a different path with education and gone straight to college.

That would've changed my entire life course. I would have never married my husband or had my two children. That's something I would never want to change. Besides, I would keep the same knowledge I've acquired throughout my life up to this point.

So, my choice would be the Green Pill. Take $10 million and make sure my family is set. Pay off all our debt, bank most of it, give some to charity/church and make a couple of investments to secure whatever the future has in store. Then travel and live my best life!

What would you do? Let us know in the comments. Below is a look at some other Red Pill/Green Pill posts. Enjoy!

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