The masks are uncomfortable. I have a hard time breathing with the mask on. The president doesn't wear a mask. (Well, recently he has.) There are plenty of excuses and reasons that you could say why you won't wear a mask, but if you take yourself out of the equation and think about the next person's life you could save, would that change you mind?

I can see you shaking your head. What if Monsta With The Fade, a bounce artist from New Orleans, told you to wear a mask? Maybe? Well, check this out and see if he can change your mind.

While this is all fun and it jams too, the truth of the matter is this is our new normal. This is the new mandate and even from the press conference with Governor John Bel Edwards over the weekend, I can see it was truly a last resort for him. I would have done it a month ago. True, there is no 100-percent guarantee that wearing a mask will stop you from getting the virus. But there is a good chance that if you wear a mask and I wear a mask and the next person wears a mask, we can really place a major curve into the spread of the coronavirus.

Think about it a little and if all else fails, take a look at the video again. It's time to not only look out for ourselves, but our neighbors, as well.

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